ImmoPresenter 3D Team
ImmoPresenter 3D Team


We are a Proptech startup based in Munich, which has decided to fundamentally change the business process in real estate sales. For our project we are looking for strong partners from the real estate industry or an investor who wants to share our vision.

Christian Herrmann

Co-founder, managing partner

Driving force with entrepreneurial heart for innovation-promoting corporate development and strategic sales; passionate brand and marketing specialist.

Christian Herrmann is a digital and media entrepreneur, one with an absolute feel for people. Whether at that time with his own marketing agency, as a top marketer at the media group Bauer Verlag or for many years as a manager at the renowned television brand, production company and TV broadcaster Welt der Wunder - early on he promoted innovation and the use of digital transformation topics, especially for online and television media, and knew how to inspire and take the people around him with him. He was one of the first to pursue digital product development in his field, broadcast pioneering digital television on the Internet, introduce new digital business models and sources of revenue and, as a manager, made a decisive contribution to setting up a new free TV station in Munich.

But Christian Herrmann wants more than the media industry believes in and is looking for new ways to help shape the future even more directly digitize. He was grateful for this opportunity in 2016 when he took his trust in a software technology company and joined as managing director and partner. This led to his personal expansion of his job profile and transformation into the digital industry.

With the initial founding of Proptech start-up ImmoPresenter 3D GmbH in summer 2019, he, together with the founding team, is pursuing the dream of a market-changing product solution for real estate sales and related service areas for real estate development in the process of digital transformation.


Eliser Wiedemann

Co-Founder, Digital Technology Expert

Digital pioneer, spatial computing expert and interdisciplinary developer who works in digital, three-dimensional space. He masters 3D technologies in combination with creatively high-quality 3D representation like no other.

After a craftsman training as a carpenter Eliser Wiedemann studied architecture at the TU Munich. During the following years in the world of architecture, he quickly realized the groundbreaking benefits 3D data based planning and visualization, He realized that these technologies are inevitable revolutionize the whole industry would. The connection spatial, creative and technical Topics led him as a partner to the Phaenom GmbH, where he as Spatial Computing Expert completely the conception, implementation and application of innovative XR-technologies were has prescribed.

This concentrated expertise now finds its definition in ImmoPresenter 3D.


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Stephan Schulte-Frankenfeld

SSF Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Gütersloh

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