Disruption of the real estate sales process caused by the megatrend automation

ImmoPresenter 3D is a combination of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and cloud computing that will radically change and automate key processes in real estate sales.

The entire real estate industry will be fundamentally transformed by automating real estate sales in Virtual Reality. Therefore we develop the worldwide unique software ImmoPresenter 3D, which fundamentally improves business processes in real estate sales. Letting and selling real estate faster and more efficiently - capture the opportunity as innovation driver and define the future of the real estate sales with ImmoPresenter 3D.

Our core belief

The Virtual Reality technology has a very special feature: with this technology, it is possible to bring people virtually to other places; so convincingly that you really believe you really are in this place. Our core belief is based on this unique feature:

We are convinced that with ImmoPresenter 3D real estate rental and purchase decisions will be made in virtual reality in the near future!

This offers numerous advantages and improvements for all market participants

Due to pending legal changes (orderer principle), the efficiency pressure in real estate sales is growing.

Our Vision: Humans meet Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Reality

Following the automation processes of digital transformation, in the next decade property visitation will be conducted in virtual reality via artificial-intelligence-powered avatars in cyberspace.