ImmoPresenter 3D Cloud and VR is an innovative Proptech solution. The digital real estate distribution solution and online platform consistently reapes the unique strengths of Virtual Reality (VR).

Our unique position

 We at ImmoPresenter 3D were the first to realize that real estate purchase and rental decisions can be made in VR in the future. For this, the intrinsic strengths of Virtual Reality must be used consistently. This opens up the possibility of radically changing the business process in real estate sales through automation, rather than using VR merely as an add-on with little added value.

ImmoPresenter 3D VR Software

Essentially, ImmoPresenter 3D consists of a VR application in which interested parties visit real estate (new or existing) and virtually commit. A real estate consultant takes over the navigation for those interested. Thus, a pleasant and particularly impressive experience is guaranteed. 

A special selling point is that several interested parties can participate at the same time - and even remotely, that means anywhere in the world!

On the tablet, the consultant observes what the individual VR users see and thus can accurately answer context-specific questions. An optional, additional screen (third screen) also displays the individual views of the VR users. In this capacity, further interested parties can gain additional insights into the properties shown in the VR tour.

ImmoPresenter 3D Cloud

The associated, AI-supported ImmoPresenter 3D Cloud enables the easy distribution and management of real estate data and associated 3D media.