Since the beginning of the 20th century, industrial processes and processes have been continuously automated by technology. The digital technologies of the 21st century accelerate this automation process considerably; so that now also processes previously supported by humans, such as the sales process, be replaced by digital solutions. The real estate industry is also affected by this digital change (keyword & #8222; Proptech & #8220;) and in particular, the real estate distribution is under increasing pressure on efficiency.

Key benefits of ImmoPresenter 3D for companies:

    • Significant increase in efficiency in the sales process
    • Simple presentation approach that works
    • Using the unique strengths of VR consistently and barrier-free
    • Seamless, globally available application integration

Key benefits of ImmoPresenter 3D for end customers:

    • Convenient, personalized viewing appointments at the sales office or remotely
    • Visits are possible at any time and immediately (no coordination effort with existing tenants or construction management)
    • Many objects can be viewed in a single appointment in no time

We are happy to present you all the benefits of ImmoPresenter 3D in a personal conversation.

Conclusion: ImmoPresenter 3D finally offers customers the sales experience they really want. ImmoPresenter 3D enables companies to reinvent real estate distribution in the consolidating market, thus asserting themselves and ultimately helping to shape the future of global real estate sales!

ImmoPresenter 3D is relevant for the following market participants

Regardless of whether as a housing company that wants to optimally fulfill the numerous needs of its tenants every day, or as a housing association that must meet the increasing demand for housing economically in sales too; ImmoPresenter 3D is the perfect tool of the future to digitally address the business challenges of the real estate industry of the 21st century. With ImmoPresenter 3D, existing properties as well as new construction projects can be efficiently presented and distributed in the future. Trust-building reference projects are always at hand with ImmoPresenter 3D.

In particular, large real estate service providers with existing sales structures and numerous sales locations can benefit to the maximum from ImmoPresenter 3D. Differentiation from competition and a revolutionized sales process are just two key words. ImmoPresenter 3D is the next, logical step in the digitization of real estate sales. The future belongs to the real estate service provider who now recognizes this!

Anyone who operates a successful real estate portal today knows about the indispensability of intelligent marketing and digital competence. ImmoPresenter 3D takes both to a new level. With this innovative power, real estate portals can not only defend their market position, but dramatically expand it!

The 21st century is marked by great industrial changes. These are driven by new digital technologies that fundamentally change one industry at a time. This does not exclude real estate sales. As an investor, take advantage of the opportunity to participate in ImmoPresenter 3D at an early stage and shape a piece of the future together with us: Digital Transformation Made in Germany - with heart and responsibility!