After "Half-Life: Alyx": Valve Index in the top of the Steam sales charts

The announcement of Half-Life: Alyx makes Valve Index on Steam the top seller. Does the game make for a second VR spring?

Valve thank you: Suddenly Virtual Reality is again a hot topic for games. That be Valve Mega franchise Half-Life exclusively for the VR glasses announces, whether the difficult sales situation especially the high-end devices somewhat surprising - and then again not.

Because the maneuver was planned by a long handValve boss Gabe Newell announced in January 2017 three VR games. There it was VR glasses Valve Index (tests) not even a rumor and the VR future specifically for gaming looked rosy. The market evolved differently, but Valve was clearly sticking to its own roadmap.

VR: Another theme overnight

That's the first half-life announcement in the gaming world for years has a great explosive power, the trailer shows Half-Life: Alxy (all info): Currently he has more than seven million views on YouTube.

No other VR game ranks only slightly on this scale. The range is comparable to those of Mega franchises like "Call of Duty", "Super Mario" or "Uncharted", Worldwide, gaming media and the mainstream press report on the new game title - and it's always about VR. The VR exclusivity of course polarises the gaming community, but that also attracts attention.

For more than ten years, Half Life fans were waiting for a new game. Now it comes, but only for VR - many players do not have VR glasses. That polarises. BILD: Valve

Half-Life: Alyx shoots up Valve Index on Steam

Already, about four months before the market launch, the next half-life game is having an impact on VR sales: Valve's VR glasses Index climbs to first place the weekly Steam top seller and even refers to the Star Wars hit "Jedi: Fallen Order" in second place.

This is not a harbinger of a sell-off: Valve Index made the first place at the market launch and generally ranks in the top 10, which are calculated by sales. But one estime it is always because the competition is strong and the Christmas business starts.

Whether Alyx actually for one second VR spring then March will show: Sure, it is said, software sells hardware. However, hardware was rarely as hard to sell as VR eyewear.

This is not only because of the price or the resolution or other specifications, but because it takes some getting used to Computer in the face to wear. Even a half-life does not change this basic obstacle - and therefore will not single-handedly stir up the VR world. This is foreseeable and too high expectations pose risks, which should know just the VR scene. Nevertheless, Valve continues with Half-Life: Alyx a powerful exclamation point, The march will be exciting.

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